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You only fail if you stop writing

-Ray Bradbury

I would love to help you tell your story.
From proofreading and line editing to coaching-- contact me so we can talk about bringing the best out of your story and voice.
I am also available to teach hybrid classes as well as month-long generative and online classes to you or your writing group.

Editing & Coaching

Upcoming Events 

Thursday, March 30       Bozeman, MT      In person

Flight of Writers; SOLD OUT

More info & tickets here

April 20 -23   Get Lit!   Spokane, WA 

       Here for more information

Friday, April 21  

Women Writing in Full Color w/ Toni Jensen & Jane Wong

@ Spokane Public Library.  7 PM.  In person. Free.

Saturday, April 22

Cascadia Field Guide Reading @ Ella’s Theater

1:00 - 2:00 PM   in person. ticketed event. 

Poetry Salon @ Ella's Theater 

2:30 - 3:30 PM  in person. ticketed event. 

Sunday, April 23

Walking Spokane's Wilds with Cascadia Field Guide 

4:00 - 5:00 PM 

High Bridge Park, Spokane  In Person. Free. 

Meet at 3:45 in the parking lot. 

Saturday, May 20     Ketchum, ID       In person

1:00 - 4:00 PM      "Putting the I in Idaho" 

To Taste Life Twice @ The Community Library   

Registration required. More info here

Summer Workshops


My morning window offers songs for which we crave words. Robin, meadowlark, soughing trees and osprey and once the grunt of a bear cub. Beautiful songs arise when the wind moves through the tops of conifers, through the throat of coyote, through the sigh of another when they to a field of spring. Language offers us words which seek song– and when the two meet, we have poetry. Through the poems of W.S. Merwin, Joy Harjo, Shakespeare, Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Derek Sheffield, Claudia Castro Luna, Jane Hirschfield, and others we will listen to howsound life poems from the branch of the page with rhyme, gurgle with onomatopoeia, chatter in meter, and move us the way wind move the tops of trees. We will tune our inner ear to the way the poem not only speaks of nature, but with the music of nature, echoing the place and the beings that share the land where we live. Carefully curated prompts will invite our poetic voice to play with prosody in the lines of our poems and create songs of our own to release through windows to our readers.

Fishtrap's Outpost on the Zumwalt Prairie
June 19 - 24, 2023

Enterprise, Oregon

A weeklong creative immersion 

Writing is often seen as a solitary activity. Isolation and solitude are prerequisites for producing work that has the power to move people. However, we are never truly alone. The voices of our ancestors, mentors, books, friends, and foes all coexist within us. And all around us, beings graced with melodies, shade, and beauty sit silently by our sides as we create. There are also the people who support us in the editing and improvement of our writing by providing feedback, words of encouragement, and even the occasional cup of tea and snack as we work. 

I will serve as your guide to the art of listening. To community. To connecting with the nonhuman on a prairie where generations of beings have directly benefitted one another’s growth and survival, where diversity makes an ecosystem thrive. As a result, writing will no longer be something we do alone but something we share with others, allowing us to channel the wisdom of our ancestors and offer a voice to those who were previously silenced. Expect to examine beautiful writing about the importance of communities (and sometimes solitude), as well as exercises designed to help you find your voice and connect with your environment and other people. All this will occur on one of the region’s most beautiful and varied settings over shared meals, hikes, campfires, and conversations.

Port Townsend Writers Conference. 
July 16 - 22, 2023

A Morning Memoir Workshop: An Intimate Cartography

This class is for the curious nonfiction/memoir writer who wishes to go on an intimate journey of memory, place, and meaning.

You can expect to see writing in color, texture, ridgelines, and roads. You will engage curiosity and create new work through a series of exercises meant to find meaning in the places, things, and beings that your compass rose swings toward, that have been waiting for you to awaken them in your memory's geography. You will find that story, your story, is rich, complex, and waiting for you.

August 13 - 18, 2023
Voices. Elevated.

The Elk River Writers Workshop embodies the idea that deep, communal experiences with the wild open the door to creativity. We bring together some of the most celebrated nature writers in the United States with students who are serious about fostering a connection with place in their writing. It all happens at Chico Hot Springs, a historic retreat just north of Yellowstone National Park.

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