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You only fail if you stop writing

-Ray Bradbury

I would love to help you tell your story.
From proofreading and line editing to coaching-- contact me so we can talk about bringing the best out of your story and voice.
I am also available to teach hybrid classes as well as month-long generative and online classes to you or your writing group.

Editing & Coaching

Upcoming Events

Reading Idaho: Monday, January 30, 2023  

This lecture will focus on three creative writers (while interweaving their literary ancestors) whose writing echoes the Idaho experience: Kim Barnes, Beth Piatote, and Grace Jordan. Participants will enjoy brief readings and biographies, and will explore questions such as how place affects writing, the Native American experience in Idaho, and accurate versus romanticized writing of the West.

Visit Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Boise State University for class details and registration. 

Writing Idaho (in person only): Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Idaho’s unique landscape of deep gorges, high desert, big rivers, mountains, plains, and public land creates a diverse population and different ways of seeing and explaining the state through creative writing and poetry. In this workshop, we will look at the myriad and complex ways Idaho is presented in literature, poetry, and prose. Using prompts and imaginative engagement with the landscape, we will produce our own literature to expose, protect, or celebrate — or all of the above — the rich landscape and culture we call Idaho.

Visit Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Boise State University for details and registration. 

AWP Seattle: March 11 - 18, 2023

Visit with me & Western Colorado University faculty @ Booth 907

AWP Seattle: Thursday, March 9, 2023

Writing the Body as Landscape: How We See and Imagine Ourselves as Wilderness

With Allen GeeRenata Golden, Sean Hill, & Petra Kuppers

How do poets and essayists write and connect landscapes to the body, and what other metaphors do we find inspiring for describing the natural world? Our panel will discuss ways to deepen our understandings of landscape through language, writing against a backdrop of climate crisis, issues of land ownership, historical and racial controversies, and overcrowding. Are our metaphors personal, political, or preservationist? Can relating the body and self to landscape evoke a deeper care for the land?

Seattle Convention Center, Room TBA

AWP Seattle: Friday, March 10, 2023

Writing the Land: Inspiration and Perspiration to Create Poetry

With Catalina Marie Cantú, Diana Raptosh, Erica Reid, & Leona Sevick


What if you were paired with a conserved land for a year to visit and create three poems inspired by place and preservation? In this panel, five diverse, emerging, and established poets from east, central, and northwest regions will share their writing process and poems. Their protected lands ranged from protected habitats, sanctuaries, farms, and ranches, to ecosystems and wilderness preserves. Their poetry and the methodologies used to create their poems will challenge and inspire you.

Seattle Convention Center, Room TBA

Get Lit! Festival @ Eastern Washington University

April 21-23, 2023  

Cascadia Reading @ Ella’s Theater

Saturday April 22 @ 11:30 -12:30 PM

Poetry Salon @ Ella's Theater (moderater)

Saturday, April 22 @ 2:30 - 3:30pm

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A Young Woman Writing
A Young Woman Writing

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A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Wri
A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Wri

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Port Townsend Writers Conference. 
July 16 - 22, 2023

A Morning Memoir Workshop: An Intimate Cartography

This class is for the curious nonfiction/memoir writer who wishes to go on an intimate journey of memory, place, and meaning.

You can expect to see writing in color, texture, ridgelines, and roads. You will engage curiosity and create new work through a series of exercises meant to find meaning in the places, things, and beings that your compass rose swings toward, that have been waiting for you to awaken them in your memory's geography. You will find that story, your story, is rich, complex, and waiting for you.

August 13 - 18, 2023
Voices. Elevated.

The Elk River Writers Workshop embodies the idea that deep, communal experiences with the wild open the door to creativity. We bring together some of the most celebrated nature writers in the United States with students who are serious about fostering a connection with place in their writing. It all happens at Chico Hot Springs, a historic retreat just north of Yellowstone National Park.

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