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CMarie Fuhrman, Director of Poetry, Graduate Program in Creative Writing, Low Residency MFA at Western Colorado University

In times of crisis and change, the poet reimagines the possible and lights a way forward. Our Poetry program, with its ethically-alert curriculum, diverse reading lists, and dedicated faculty, will help you achieve your dreams.

Rise to the challenge to write for today’s world.

Western’s Poetry program gives aspiring poets the knowledge, skills and vision they need to become confident members of the poetic community. Students with diverse poetic styles come together in a welcoming program that encourages freedom of thought and expression while providing the necessary grounding to help students uncover and develop their ​talents. ​​You’ll learn to write in the freer modes characteristic of most contemporary poetry and also learn how to make creative use of more traditional poetic forms. Through innovative coursework and close mentoring from faculty, you’ll hone your techniques, elevate your art and reimagine the possible.

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